Chapter 12, page 81

And we're back! This has been an eventful two weeks. Otakon was a blast, and hello again to all the cool people I chatted with and who came by to pick up books and swag. I got so much cool fanart, it made me want to cryyy.
It should be apparent that the site's looking a little uh, different... Well, it was pretty egregiously ruined by spambots while I was gone. I was able to restore the wiki but I honestly don't want to restore the update blog. It's unsecure garbage and is to blame for the attack. So for now, I'm going to keep the site static and do all the updating manually. During the chapter break I will build us a new blog with a shiny new comment section. Until then, you can always get a direct hold of me on Tumblr, and follow the Twitter feed or Facebook Group for page update announcements. And the next one of those will be on Friday. Thanks, everyone!
-Ashley, 8/21/2017