Chapter 12, pages 100&101


And that is a wrap for Chapter 12!
Longtime readers know I always take a posting hiatus between chapters in order to increase the buffer. This'll be a long one, readers of my heart. It's been a tough year. Between a chapter with some very demanding artwork, a Kickstarter campaign with a very demanding printbook attached to it, a major hurricane, a crippled website, and more than a bit of convention-related travel, I have almost completely depleted my buffer. I don't want Unsounded's quality to suffer, so I ask your patience while I work on the next chapter and try to make you guys the best webcomic I'm capable of producing. You want to meet Sette's dad at last? What about an entire tribe of Two-toed Lizards? Wonder what's been going on with that gross Silver monster and its crazy reptile master? Want to see how Duane deals with a shrine full of children he should but probably is incapable of hating?
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-Ashley, 10/20/2017